To inspire for traveling. To cultivate love for nature and a healthy way of life. To make overcome oneself.

Who we are

Creative agency & full-service video production. We are inspired by sport cars, snowmobiles, planes, motorboats and other vehicles with engines. We are admiring the forces of nature. We specialize in digital commercial content that helps deliver brand message to an audience. We make commercial image film and reportages. We make branded content, corporate and documentary films. Our goal — helping people to make a mark on history. #CreatingHistoryTogether


A creative team. We are T-shaped specialists: each of us has horizontal experience across all stages of film production and vertical in-depth skills in a single field. Depending on the project, we involve additional forces in outsourcing. 30+ professionals can work together on a project.

Aleksandr Kuzmichev
Sergei Oleinik
Producer/Aerial services
Nikita Shcherbakov
Sound director
Andrey Provotorov
Slava Kotov
Maxim Shvengelyov
Compositing artist
Andrey Smirnov
Anastasia Veber
Junior producer/1st AD
Constantine Chistiakov
Clients & partners

Our clients & partners are manufacturers and distributors of vehicles, clothes and accessories. Organizers of competitions, events and expeditions. Largest industrial enterprises. Athletes, sports teams and ambitious persons, who aim for new heights.

"We want to feel the true enthusiasm of the director and the synergy of the production crew: the professionals we work with must be ready to go beyond their usual possibilities. Our choice the 29!"
— Dmitry Kachan, head of sponsorship & special projects Red Bull
"29 is a team of professionals. They know what is trending now, they know how to work with complex stuff and get the job done. We have implemented several projects at once with 29 team. Now more and more subscribers who write comments and like our posts in our social pages because of the great video content."
— Ekaterina Klyuchnikova, head of PR "Kirovsky Zavod"
"29 realize all stages of production, from the unique concept of the video to the final post-production, and we get a finished modern product. Video helps us rise the brand awareness and increase products sales."
— Evgeniy Ponomarev, marketing manager MAXXIS INTERNATIONAL
"Insane ideas, creative and professional vision. Be ready to work in any conditions and make a comfortable working atmosphere are also important. 29 team fully responds this requirements."
— Marina Anyushina, Media & PR manager Motul
"This is a team, which in spite of difficulties, hardships and the heaviest weather conditions always end up with the professional product with their special concern and vision."
— Alexey Zimin, traveler
"A team must not only have a big experience in filming the dynamic motorsport, but also carry advanced filming equipment. Also, to be mobile and ready to make immediate unconventional decisions. All of this I managed to get while working with 29 PPODUCTION."
— Sergey Kabargin, professional drift driver
"Everything produced by this studio immediately becomes independent from all the mass of the produced content. All videos by 29 are magnetically capturing and you're watching them until the end."
— Viktor Osokin, entrepreneur
"Business approach, new working ideas, excellent preparedness and the ability to work in rough natural conditions. For me personally, that is important."
— Igor Melnikov, the founder of Fishleader company

We have been burned under the scorching Texas sun at +40 °C, staying overnight in tents in the rainy Autumn on the "Mined island", our skin has been wounded by salt at 130 km/h in Bonneville, our legs has been went numb on the ice of the legendary lake Baikal, we've got into a storm in the Norwegian sea surrounded by orcas. Yet we are ready for the new adventures in search of trophy shots.

USA, California
34.112476°, -117.987449°
USA, Utah
40.774081°, -113.887544°
USA, Texas
33.046626°, -97.283201°
Spain, Calella
41.614929°, 2.653251°
Sweden, Motala
58.542907°, 15.047243°
Norway, Lofoten islands
67.675911°, 12.662556°
Latvia, Riga
56.966801°, 24.232626°
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
59.927128°, 30.317484°
Russia, Kola peninsula
67.414909°, 37.644459°
Russia, Moscow
56.016710°, 37.483367°
UAE, Dubai
25.197782°, 55.235572°
Russia, Kamchatka
52.785946°, 158.173136°
Japan, Tokyo
35.681968°, 139.763601°
Japan, Fukushima
37.638907, 140.366510
Norway, Rakkestad
59.367778°, 11.262579°
Spain, Barcelona
41.380988°, 2.182583°
Finland, Helsinki
60.169225°, 24.948253°
Finland, Jurva
62.648423°, 22.017288°
Belarus, Minsk
53.871343°, 27.535289°
Russia, Nijni Novgorod
56.122994°, 43.598829°
Russia, Karelia
61.506229°, 35.034544°
Russia, Murmansk Oblast
69.641258, 31.357187
Russia, Kola peninsula
66.389169°, 36.577025°
Russia, Yaroslavskaya oblast
58.812661°, 39.208210°
Russia, Krasnodarskiy kray
44.592197°, 38.024859°
Russia, Republic of Adygea
44.070233°, 39.978095°
Russia, Solovetsky Islands
65.093599°, 35.634587°
Russia, Sochi
43.551613°, 39.843075°
Russia, Baikal
53.096807°, 106.941898°
Russia, Priiskovoe
54.654100°, 88.705455°
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
56.128528°, 92.740547°
Russia, Ryazan
54.589132°, 39.617410°
Sweden, Stockholm
59.331035°, 18.068708°
Kazakhstan, Aktau
43.818069°, 51.186849°

We love and protect nature, that's why we compensate any damaged caused by vehicles during filming.